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October 23, 2010

Step Up To The Plate

Stepping up to the plate - can be done in high heels. pic:

Americans – especially the guys – love their sports idioms.  Unfortunately a lot of the world doesn’t really know much about the team sports American’s prefer – baseball and football.  If a German soccer fan says “a game has 90 minutes” meaning that it ain’t over until it’s over and a lot can happen a

t the very end, an American will not have the first idea what he is talking about.

The same is true if an American uses typical American sport idioms and, believe me, they use them all the time.  So here is a very typical one:

“Step up to the plate”

This comes from baseball where the batter (the guy with the bat who hits the little ball) literally steps up to a plate in the ground and gets into position to hit the ball.   Figuratively it means to take responsibility for doing something or accept a challenge.
An example would be a boss telling his team to “step up to the plate”, give their best to turn that project around and get if finished on time and in budget.
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