California Bubbleboy

California Bubbleboypic:

One of the more, well, interesting experiences of my life in California is seeing my son go through an educational system which is very different in many ways from the one I experienced back in Europe and I am sure also very different from the one many parents who grew up here experienced back in their days.

My son is only in first grade but it has been frustrating and maddening at times to deal with the nonsense he – and therefore we – are subjected to.   Political correctness and what at times feels like a paralyzing fear of litigation and a resulting trends to 1) try and turn our kids into perfectly behaved little angles and 2) keep them away from everything that could potentially be dangerous is at times comical and at others scary.

I will on occasion retell some of the more absurd stories under the heading “California Bubbleboy” as this is how the situation appears to my quite often: the attempt to put our kids into a protective bubble to keep them away from all harm, each and every bug, and any chance to make a (potentially painful but educational) experience.  Those blogs will tend to be longer, more personal, and probably more controversial than the others, however, they are a crucial part of our experience living here and will contribute to understanding better what life is like on a more personal level.

Reading these blogs please keep in mind that they show a Californian perspective. The situation could be – and probably is – quite different in other parts of the country.


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