This is a somewhat lighthearted sounding expression with a very serious background “Drinking the  Kool-Aid”

Beware oif drinking your own Kool Aid. (c) OCAL

This needs a bit of explanation: Kool-Aid is a fizzy drink made out of a powder.  Kids like it, some adults as well, I suppose.  Kool-Aid, was used in the 1978 mass-suicide in Jamestown, Guyana.  Jim Jones, the leader of a group Peoples Temple told his follower to drink  Kool-Aid laced with cyanide and 913 of 1100 did – and died.

Drinking the Kool-Aid now means to accept uncritically and unquestioningly an idea, concept, or philosophy to the point were one looses perspective and acts irrationally.  It can also imply that somebody is gullible and easily lead by others.  One can drink somebody elses’  Kool-Aid by completely buying into what they are saying, following them blindly as Jones’ followers did.  One can also drink one’s own Kool-Aid which means to believe in your own hype, be overly convinced of your own ideas, products, positions.

In business it is often used to describe a situation where a (young) company becomes overly confident in the value of their own products/services or vision and people no longer critically think about how to improve them.

If  not recognized and corrected quickly drinking one’s own Kool-Aid can have extremely negative on performance.

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