Bubbleboy and Breast Cancer Awareness

The terrible b-word wrist bands (pic: http://www.stylelist.com)

October is breast cancer awareness month.  I like it. Let’s raise awareness and raise money for more research.  Whether it really helps that Safeway puts the sliced mushrooms in pink containers instead of the usual blue I don’t know.  I guess it doesn’t hurt,  I noticed it so other people probably will.

But I was already sensitized to the pink cause because of the following contentious  issue: wristbands.  There are wristbands out there with the following immoral slogan: “I (heart) boobies”.

Yikes, the b-word! (one of many b-words, I can think of a bunch of the top of my head).  I actually think “boobies” for breasts is kind of a silly, childish word rather than an off-color one but I seem to be pretty much alone with that opinion and therefore, because of the contentious b-word some schools – I was informed – have banned wristbands for breast cancer awareness month.  I learned about that whole controversy from another parent in my son’s after school program.  She told me – whispering so that kids wouldn’t actually hear her say it – that the slogan due to the b-word  “isn’t quite as wholesome as it could be.”   So what do we do in California, bastion of freedom that we are?   Easy, we ban wristbands for breast cancer awareness from the campus of our schools.  What else?

The issue never came up in our house.  At 6 my boy has decided that pink is a girl color and he wear ribbons, wristbands or anything else in pink anyway.

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