Compliments, woman to woman

One thing Americans do frequently  which is a lot less common in Europe is making compliments.  Even total strangers get complimented on occasion.  These are mostly woman-to-woman compliments, a type of compliments pretty much unknown to many Europeans.

In these cases the compliment is normally for a “thing” like a nice purse or scarf, a suit, maybe haircut not for the person as a whole.  I have a green briefcase which I use for meetings and conferences and I have had many women compliment that particular accessory with words like “I love your briefcase”, “What a terrific color!” or “That’s so great, where did you buy it?” I mostly happens in the ladies’ bathroom when we are all standing in front of the mirror reapplying lipstick.

That purse is so cute! © Budda |

Friends or acquaintances will often go further and say things like  “You look wonderful today”, “Oh my God, you lost so much weight, you look great!”

Being generous with compliments is actually a very nice thing once you are used to it.  In the beginning it confused me, I didn’t know why people would bother but it is really quite a mood booster if some stranger looks at you and says something nice and flattering.  It might not be the most profound thing ever said to you but it doesn’t matter, it brightens the day a bit.

My husband tells me that guys don’t do that or only on the rarest of occasions.  Oh well, their loss.


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