More kicking

Kicking butt in the literal sense, pic:

Believe it or not, there are more idioms and expressions with kick.  Some of these are slang and therefore not suitable for any type of formal or business setting – but it is still good to understand them.  Some are colloquial but very useful and without a negative connotation so they can be used in informal settings.

We’ll start with the obvious: Kick butt (or kick ass, which is more vulgar).  It means two things:

literally it means to beat somebody in a fight

figuratively it means to be really good at something – “he is a bit chubby but don’t be mistaken, he is a kick-ass tennis player” (here you can’t use “kick butt”, only “kick ass” will work) or “she is a kick ass lawyer”. It is also used to indicate that something is very good, outstanding, spectacular.  “They play kick-ass music at that club.”

The you can kick the bucket which is another not so nice way of saying that you die.

You van also kick a habit.  That is a good thing, it means you got rid of a bad habit.  “After 25 years of smoking he finally kicked the habit last year.”

For part 1 of all the kicking click here

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