With baseball being all the rage – another baseball idiom

First base at baseball, pic: clubelephant.org

As I write this the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers are playing their 5th World Series game and all of San Francisco and the Bay Area are going crazy over baseball.  I still don’t get baseball, don’t know the rules and have little desire to deal with all the statistics involved – a total give-away  that I am a stranger and will always be.

So today’s idiom is “covering all your bases” 0r “covering your bases”.  It means to thoroughly prepare for all eventualities and cases,  to be very well prepared.  I rather not try and explain the underlying baseball principle but the general idea is that defensive players are assigned to cover a base (one of four positions in the corner of the diamond shaped baseball field).  It is a very bad error to be in the wrong place and not covering the base one is responsible for.

This idiom is widely understood and used and is well suited for business as well as casual conversation.


“We prepared a very thorough report.  I believe covered all the bases.”
“When applying for a new job you should cover all your bases to increase the chances of being hired.”

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