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November 4, 2010

Bubbleboy and the VW

Reading VW you might think that this is a blog about cars and bikes and things that move. But no, VW does not stand for Volkswagen but for a way more radical and innovative concept: the vegetarian wolf.

Little Red ridinghood bringing celery sticks to the VW

The setting: drama class week at after school
The play: Little Red Riding Hood

The issue: the brutality of it all. The mean wolf, eating grandma, the whole concept of carnivorous existence, of meat (let alone red meat) and the impressionable souls of our six and seven year-olds.
The solution: ingenious in its stupidity – after a good scolding for attempting some unsavory wild predator-type behavior the wolf acknowledges the wrongfulness of his ways, promises to better himself and becomes a vegetarian.

Think I am joking? I wish I was.

There is so much wrong with this in so many ways that it is difficult to decide what to focus on. What stands out for me is that the lesson learned from the original story – one that every parent in the world likes their children to comprehend the minute they are born – “do exactly as mom/dad tells you, don’t you think you know better and certainly don’t go goofing around in places where your little behind is not supposed to be. Or else ….” is completely lost and replaced by some murky concept of how everybody and everything is good and special and if we all just really, really want it the world will be a bubble-gum colored happy place.

If you live in a world like that, where wolves happily munch on celery sticks and processed cheese in portion-size plastic wrappers that Little Red Ridinghood buys at the local supermarket and takes to the woods. A world where it is enough to say “Swiper no swiping” three times in a row to make everybody stop any wrongful behavior immediately, a world where little kitties drink milk all day and never make a bloody mess of a mousie and bears run around with honeypots in their arms – if you live in such a place and your child does not need to learn about bad people and stupid, dangerous decisions, let me know. Because I have never seen such a place and I would be curious to visit.

November 4, 2010

Having a field day

The kids are having a field day, © Allegretto |

If you have a field day you are having the opportunity to do a lot of something you really enjoy or like.  This expression stems from having a day off from regular work, going on a field trip and having a good time.

“Having a field day” is often used when one is criticizing somebody and enjoying it as in the example: “If the newspaper ever found out about his drinking problem they would have field day.”

It is also used when one enjoys something otherwise off-limits or forbidden.  example: ” With senior management at a retreat everybody else at the office had a field day.”

It is also used to express that somebody is just having fun:  the kids were having a field day going trick or treating on Halloween.