Snowball’s chance in hell

This snowball does not stand a chance, pic:

With winter approaching and dropping temperatures even here in California here is a wintery idiom for you: Snowball’s chance in hell.  The meaning of it is pretty intuitive:  not a chance or at least a very very low chance of success – the chance a snowball has to survive  in a very hot place, like hell.

“A snowball’s chance in hell” is a fairly casual expression and would be misplaced in formal conversation (of which we have very little here) but it is perfectly appropriate in casual conversation and in business conversations.  In the case of business conversations I would use it when speaking to colleagues but necessarily when having a serious discussion with my boss.

The expression is mostly used in the negative sense like “this plan does not have a snowball’s chance in hell.”

Here some more examples:

“What you want to ask Julie out on a date???  You don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, dude.  She is going out with this pro basketball player.”

“We have a a snowball’s chance in hell to finish this project on time and in budget.  So be better start working on some contingencies.”


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