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November 12, 2010

Swearing, part 2

Situation where the f-word is likely used liberally, pic:

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog about swearing the good old f-word is ubiquitous.  It is used liberally whenever guys come together to talk about sports, women, politics, anything.  It is important to know, though, that it doesn’t always convey a negative message, it is in fact often used to emphasize a positive meaning.  Like so:

“This is a great, f-ing game!” – guys watching a good game (sports)

“She is f-ing hot” – highest possible compliment to be paid to a woman

“Sam Adams is the best f-ing beer ever”  – means no better beer exists.

Used like that the f-word is not considered swearing but it still has to be used with caution.  Guys use it liberally among them selves and with more restraint if woman are around (at least initially).  Women use it too, but less frequently.  Using it in the presence of one’s mother, grandmother, or rich elderly aunt is by and large not such a terrific idea.  Never, ever use it in its complete form in the presence of  children.  That is a total no-no unless you want to be thought of as the scum of the earth.

Using the f-word in polite and formal conversation and in business meetings is likewise not such a great idea.

November 12, 2010

Hook Up

That is a tricky one because it has many different meanings from the completely innocent to the, well, not so.

1) Let’s start with the completely innocent: you can hook up a house to the gas supply line or a DVD player to a TV or you can hook up a new sound system which means you get it all plugged in, connected, and working well.

2) Then you can hook  up with somebody and it just means that you met the person, it was a casual meeting and it was planned (you didn’t just happen to meet each other randomly at the coffee shop).  If you use it this way, be aware that it isn’t confused with 4).  But first

3) Hook somebody up with something means that you got something for somebody and that something is in a likelihood not something legally obtained at the local supermarket.  Like “could you hook me up with some pot.”

4) Hook up also means meeting with someone you are not in a relationship with for anything ranging from making-out to having sex.  And this is where it get’s tricky with 2).  If boy says to girl: “wanna hook up later tonight” he could mean: “do you want to meet and watch a depressing French movie and then take a stroll on the beach”  or it could mean – more likely -” do you want to get together tonight to have sex?”  It also implies that boy has no intention to call the girl his girl-friend the next day – or she him “boy-friend”.

So be careful whom you hook up, when, how,  with what, and why.