Swearing, part 2

Situation where the f-word is likely used liberally, pic: roadto2010final.blogspot.com

As mentioned in part 1 of this blog about swearing the good old f-word is ubiquitous.  It is used liberally whenever guys come together to talk about sports, women, politics, anything.  It is important to know, though, that it doesn’t always convey a negative message, it is in fact often used to emphasize a positive meaning.  Like so:

“This is a great, f-ing game!” – guys watching a good game (sports)

“She is f-ing hot” – highest possible compliment to be paid to a woman

“Sam Adams is the best f-ing beer ever”  – means no better beer exists.

Used like that the f-word is not considered swearing but it still has to be used with caution.  Guys use it liberally among them selves and with more restraint if woman are around (at least initially).  Women use it too, but less frequently.  Using it in the presence of one’s mother, grandmother, or rich elderly aunt is by and large not such a terrific idea.  Never, ever use it in its complete form in the presence of  children.  That is a total no-no unless you want to be thought of as the scum of the earth.

Using the f-word in polite and formal conversation and in business meetings is likewise not such a great idea.

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