What goes around comes around

“What goes around comes around” is another very useful expression that isn’t easily understood by taking a literal approach.  It basically means that a person’s actions – both good and bad – will at some point in the future have consequences for that person.  It is implied that good actions will have good consequences and bad actions bad consequences.

What goes around comes around, pic: http://www.spanishdict.com

It can be used in a positive sense but more often it is used to describe a situation where a bad deed/behavior comes back to haunt a person.  As such it is similar in concept to the word karma.

Example 1, negative action:

Person 1: “When Steven  ran his own company he was super-demanding, always expecting people to work overtime and come in on the weekends.  Now he is an employee himself and has to work crazy long hours.”

Person 2: “Serves him right.  What goes around comes around.”

Example 2, positive action:

“Mary has been very engaged in her church group for many years, helping sick people, working with kids.  Now that she fell sick her group is really supporting her, bringing meals, running errands, helping with house work.”

“That’s great.  I am always saying: ‘what goes around comes around.'”

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