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November 19, 2010

Fullness of time

“In the fullness of time” has always been one of those idioms which I found difficult to wrap my mind around.  The whole concept of time and fullness doesn’t make much intuitive sense to me.

In the fullness of time things will happen, or not, pic:

So here is what that expression means: in the fullness of times means “when the time is right and appropriate” or “when the allotted time comes” which translates into something along the lines of sometime in the future, much later.

This idiom is fairly old-fashioned and only rarely used in everyday and casual and business conversation.  I have heard it used mainly in religious contexts such as in this example: “Jesus will return in the fullness of time.”  else I have heard it used mainly ironically such as in this example:

“Judy is not saying a word about the new book she is writing.  I asked her repeatedly what it is about.  But not a word.”

“Don’t worry, she always goes through this little drama.  In the fullness of time it will all be revealed in great detail.” (ironic grin)

November 19, 2010

Inside track

Having the inside track gives you an advantage, pic:

If you run laps on a track you have an advantage if you run on the innermost track – it is shorter.  So having the or an inside track means that you have an advantage in a competitive situation.

Th idiom is actually not derived from track racing but from horse racing but the same principle applies: the inside track is shorter and give the horse the advantage.

This idiom is used frequently in business and casual conversation.  In sentenced like the following: “Parker had an inside track that’s why he got the promotion and not Lucy” having the inside track implies having a special relationship with somebody on the inside.  In this case the listener would assume that Parker knew the decision maker well and got the promotion based on that.  It doesn’t imply that Parker is not qualified, just that he had an advantage over Lucy.

A non-business related example would be:

Person 1: “We’ll never get a Saturday evening reservation at the hot new restaurant.  It is booked out for months.”

Person 2: “Don’t worry, I’ll get us in, I have an inside track.”