Getting the hang of it

A "getting the hang of it" word play, pic: the hang of it_55879

Suppose you have been trying to learn something or to acquire a new skill, like learning to speak a language or windsurfing and you finally feel that you are making progress, you are starting to understand, to “get it” – then you are getting the hang of it.  It implies that you haven’t mastered the skill yet but are making real progress.

This expression is fairly casual, it can be used in a business context in more informal situations such as:

Supervisor to summer intern: “Alex, how is it going with the data entry?  Any problems with it?”
Intern: “It’s going good.  First I had some trouble but now I am getting the hang of it.”

It should not be used in formal conversations and might send the wrong message if your boss asks you during the annual review how you think you are performing in your job.


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