Hairy issues

Those girls are getting in my hair!, pic:

There are a number of idioms and expressions involving hair.  Here is a useful one: “getting in someone’s hair”.

If you are getting in someone’s hair, or someone is getting in your hair you annoy, bother, or pester them, or the other way around.   There are many expressions that express the concept of annoyance and bothering other than this one and this one is a fairly mild, non-offending way to say this.  if there is a non-offending way to say that somebody bothers you).

It can be used in business and casual conversation, but – like with many idioms or expressions – you would want to think twice before using it when talking to the Chairman of the Board or the person who decides decides whether you get fired or receive a fat bonus.

Here are a couple of examples:

“How do you like your new roommate?” “He gets in my hair a lot, he plays loud music until 2 am and throws parties all the time.”

“The guy in accounting gets in my hair.  He is so uptight about turning in the travel expenses on time.  It’s annoying!”

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