Sorry, continued

I explained the correct and necessary use of the word sorry here.  There are certainly more but first a let me talk about what  I think is an incorrect and downright silly abuse of the word and should be avoided.  However, it is necessary to understand how and why the word is used in certain contexts.

Sorry is often used when expressing a dissenting opinion – whether one is truly sorry for having or expressing it is irrelevant, it is just a set phrase to soften the blow of disagreement.

Person 1: “The US economy is headed for disaster.”

Person 2: “I am sorry, but I disagree, I think after a short down-cycle we see swift and complete recovery.”

There is a definite gender bias when it comes to the usage of the word sorry.  I haven’t done a study on it but anecdotal evidence suggests that women use it far more frequently then man.  I leave this observation stand without further comment.

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