Want a piece of my mind?

I am going to give this rascal a piece of my mind! pic: thevibe.socialvibe.com

To give somebody a piece of one’s mind has nothing to do with mind-melts and other sci-fi ideas.  It also doesn’t mean to share deep and profound thoughts with somebody – although that would sort of make sense.

It means actually pretty much the contrary, namely to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong.  It implies that one is fairly angry and upset with the wrongdoer and plans on telling him or her in no uncertain terms exactly how one feels.

The expression betrays the speakers own state of mind – rather strong anger, upset, or displeasure – so it shouldn’t be used lightly.  If you confront  somebody after promising to give him/her a piece of my mind and then say “I really feel a little sad about your being so unpleasant to me” then you look weak, like you didn’t dare to really say what was on your mind and backed down.

“Giving somebody a piece of one’s mind” is most often used by parents when their children misbehave, bosses for completely incapable staff or between peers.  If you give your boss a piece of your mind better update your resume before you do so.


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