Black Friday

The Friday after Thanksgiving is generally referred to as Black Friday.  Now that sounds somewhat ominous, like market crash, doom, and tragedy but the black here doesn’t imply that in this case – quite the opposite, black is used in the sense of black numbers = profits.

Sex and the City - wellknown for shopping sprees, pic:

See, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the official start of the Christmas shopping season.  And that is a serious matter:  people get up at crazy hours – like 3 or 4 in the morning – and head for the shopping mall (some allegedly still in their pajamas) to get the best deals, the so called “door busters” (so called because once the doors are opened people burst in a big dangerous stampede).  There are a limited number of laptops for $300 off or for spectacularly cheap iPods, sweaters, Wii consoles, etc.  And then it is shop until you drop.

Stores advertise week in advance when they open and what the door busters are, people plan and strategize – where to go first, what to get, etc.  Some even camp out in front of the store – and by camp I mean tent, sleeping bag, thermos the works – the whole night just to get those deals.

Every year there are reports of people getting almost killed on such occasions.  In 2008 a store clerk at a Walmart was actually killed when a crowed stormed the store.

Everybody who does not enjoy crowds, the occasional skirmish and long lines at check out should stay away from the malls on Black Friday, also called “Thingsgetting” Day.

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