Look who is talking!

This is a very mild and socially acceptable comeback or response to a hypocritical statement by somebody.

"You are late!!" "Look who is talking", pic: http://www.viehweg.dk

Assume you have a friend who is always late and one the one day you are late to meet him or her you are greeted by the following question: “Why are you late?”  You could now get into a tirade about how you always have to wait for that person and end up in a nasty fight or – if you feel more mellow you would say: “Look who is talking!”

That would convey the message that your friend is in absolutely no position to criticize you for being late having been late himself many times over.

The expression works fine for harmless issues like the one above, being late, not taking the garbage out, using up the last piece of toilet paper on the roll and not replacing it, and such like.  In an discussion about nuclear disarmament between North Korea and the US it wouldn’t be the appropriate language to use.

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