Eye to eye

Seeing eye to eye has nothing to do with a staring contest. Pic: http://www.commons.wikimedia.org

This idiom has nothing to do with  “eye for an eye” the old testament notion of retaliation.   To see “eye to eye” with someone means to agree with that person, be of the same opinion as that person.

It is used both in the positive sense, two people seeing eye to eye and therefore agreeing on something, as well as in the negative sense “not seeing eye to eye.”  If anything the negative use is somewhat more frequent.

Positive usage example:

“My husband and I pretty much always see eye to eye when it comes to our finances. ”

Negative usage example:

“I resigned my job yesterday.  My manager and I just did not see eye to eye about how to handle this important project.  One of us had to go.”

The idiom can be used in business and personal communication.  It is a fairly mild and civilized way of expressing that two people do not agree.

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