Funny words, part 1

Every language has its funny words, words that make you laugh by just listening to them because they are so droll or quaint.  Well, I  suppose every language has those –  I can’t prove it, of course.

Neither one is allowed at work anymore, pic:

In my adopted language of English the concept of funny words was brought home to me the other day when I was talking to one of my eloquent and smart friends.  She was complaining about work and how tough and unforgiving it had become.  In that context – which in and by itself isn’t particularly hilarious – she said the following thing: “no more lallygagging around the water-cooler.”

I almost dropped my glass of prosecco I was laughing so hard.  “Lollygagging” – I had never heard in over 13 years in this country but it is such a little treasure of a word.  You really don’t need to translate it, you simply, deeply understand what it means, namely “hanging about lazily doing nothing of much consequence and importance when you should, in fact, be working”.

I just used 17 words to describe  what lollygagging means – and it isn’t even funny.

Now I am desperately looking for more words like lollygagging, words, one intuitively understands and makes one laugh out loud.   So watch out, there will be more.


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