US political pundits, where one draws the "crazy line" is a matter of personal taste, pic: punditscale.com

I first heard this word several years ago and had only the vaguest idea of what it might mean.  Originally, I had the completely wrong notion that it refers to people from the mountainous regions of Pakistan, or some such thing, but realized pretty soon that I was far off the mark.

A pundit, in fact, is an expert or at least a knowledgeable person who offers his opinion on the topic of his expertise on public media.  Those topics are often politics, economics, social science, and – you guessed it – sports.

Pundits seem to have had quite a field day recently. I lived in this country hapily for many years without ever encountering a pundit but now they are everywhere .  So much so that the term – in certain instances – can take on a derogatory meaning where it implies “ideologue” rather than expert.

Looking up the roots for the word pundit for this blog I found that it is a loan word from Hindi and has its original roots in Sanskrit.  That makes my original notion of the meaning of the word – although still pretty far fetched – at least not entire, irredeemably ridiculous.


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