Bubbleboy’s Naked Toesies

This is a post about little feet, not even necessarily naked, just feet in sandals – or rather the lack thereof.   Sandals, amazingly,  are strictly forbidden in school.  Just imagine the terrible things that could happen to little feet in sandals, they could get dirty, or one could hit a toe at the play structure, resulting in the worst possible scenario: a bloody toe.

Dangerous footwear!

Now, Mrs. M at school asked the parents to make the kids wear closed  shoes because they do 30 minutes of PE every day, outside, weather permitting.   Know what, that makes sense.  I buy that.  PE – sandals, not a winning combination, although not a disastrous one either.   I think PE is great and I will comply – at least on days when it is less than 90 degrees outside.   Anything hotter than that: they are inside anyway and jumping jacks in sandals has never killed anybody – at least not to my knowledge.

After-school – different story. No PE, mainly homework, building battleships out of Lego, singing songs, and impersonating vegetarian wolfs.   Danger factor to exposed toesies: somewhere around -3 on a scale from zero to 10.   Still: big red sign right on the door:  No sandals, crocks or flip-flops.  Dare I ask the obnoxious question: “Why does my son have to wear closed shoes when it is 95 degrees outside?”  The answer, you guessed it” “open shoes are too dangerous. The kids could hurt themselves.”
Really? Hmm, hurt themselves? Yeah, probably, a bit. But how bad can it be and, more importantly, might there not be a lesson somewhere in all of that getting your toesies hurt.  Should we try and protect our children from the slightest little “ouwie”, should they grow up believing that the world is a safe place just as long as we invest in sensible footwear?

My ideal would be that they run around barefoot so their feet get used to it, instead of marinating them the entire long hot day in airless sneakers. But that, of course, is such a foreign notion, I don’t even dare to introduce it.

So instead of strong dirty feet I get stinky, sweaty feet every day with socks that smell so bad they have to be stored in the yard until the washing machine is ready to go and a child who thinks it is a disaster to have a little scratch on one of those delicate white toes.

Brave new world!


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