Confusing words, cont.

Today’s confusing words are different by just one letter which, but that  makes quite a difference.

So, here we are: Compliment and complement

Not quite the original idea of compliment! Pic:

Compliment as a noun means a nice remark, an expression of praise.  Something positive you say about somebody’s accomplishment, performance, outfit, hairdo, taste, or such like.  As a verb it means to make such a positive, praising remark.

Girl to girlfriend: “He said I looked radiant and gorgeous, what a nice compliment!”

The word complement is much less frequently used.  It is often used as a verb to mean to complete, make better, add something to something else.

“Jill and Jake complement each other, she is a brilliant strategic thinker and he is very good executing plans.  That’s why their business has been so successful.”

Used as a noun, often in connection with the word full, a “full complement”, means a full number of something needed to make something else complete.

“The camera comes with the whole suite of photo editing software.”


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