Throwing money

The easy solution: throwing money at a problem, pic:

If you have a problem that you want solved one way of doing so might be to throw money at it.

Throwing money at the problem  might not be the best method, however, which is reflected by the fact that the expression is frequently used in the negative sense to indicate that the money is not the best way of solving whatever problem one is trying to tackle.

In the negative sense throwing money at the problem implies that one is doing more of the same (which has not been a stupendous success in the past) instead of trying something new and hopefully more innovative and promising. Throwing money at the problem therefore isn’t a smart solution, just the most easy one.

Here are some usage examples:

“We won’t just throw money at the problem,” Barack Obama in 2008, then the president-elect, about his economic recovery plan.

Guy:  “I don’t know what to get my girl-friend for her birthday!”

Friend: “Just throw money at the problem: buy her a diamond bracelet and I guarantee you she will be happy.”

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