Off the beaten track

Off the beaten path - and beautiful, pic:

The concept of “off the beaten track will look particularly interesting and familiar to Europeans, as many of them – though not all – like to travel off the beaten path or track.

If you travel off the beaten path you avoid populous, much traveled regions in favor of fairly unknown and less traveled places.  The expression implies: less comfort, more exhausting travel with a marked absence of 5 star hotels, fancy spas, high-end restaurants, people who speak one’s language, and air conditioning.

One the positive side – at least positive for some –  it implies that you will actually get to meet some of the people who live where you travel, learn something about them, share their food and have an adventure or two in the process – which reminds me of that night in an all male exchange student dormitory in Beijing …

Next time you trek though some jungle of visit a village after riding in a Jeep for five hours or more you know where you are: off the beaten path.


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