Funny words, cont.

Todays’ funny word is hodgepodge.  It is almost self-explanatory – really sounds like what it means.  Such words are called onomatopoeic, a mouthful of a word that is defined as “a word whose sounds suggests the sense” – but I am digressing.

A hodgepodge house: different styles, not very harmonically integrated. Pic:

Back to hodgepodge: a heterogeneous collection of things, a jumble, a somewhat random assortment of stuff, and by less friendly terms: a mess.

Here is a usage example:

“How did you like the museum?”

“I liked it, although it was a bit of a hodgepodge.  Everything from art to carpets and antique furniture was on display.”

And another:

Teacher to student: “You really need to work on this assay, it is a total hodgepodge of thoughts – some good,  some mediocre, and some outright bad.”

And another:

Architect:  “I hate these buildings, they are a total hodgepodge of French and Italian styles mixed in with a bit of hacienda and some Japanese elements.”

Originally a hodgepodge was a sort of stew, a mixture of meat pieces and vegetables – which suggests its now broader meaning.


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