I wonder – again

The now infoamous butt drag, pic: http://www.lehighvalleylive.com

this time for real – about a news story that of the “only in California” type.

Let’s set the stage with a couple of definitions.

Wrestling is a sport in which two opponents struggle hand to hand in order to pin or press each other’s shoulders to the mat or ground.  Wrestling, believe it or not, has styles, rules, moves, and regulations.

One of the moves is called butt drag.  As the name suggests somebody grabs somebody else’s butt and drags it.  Presumably that requires some serious grabbing to obtain leverage  and sometimes the wrestlers try and get a better hold even by using a  finger in the rectum for more leverage which – as unpleasant as it sounds to us non-wrestlers – seems to be a not uncommon variation of the drag albeit not quite by the book either.

You are free to form your own opinion about the desirability of those activities, but if you decide to become a wrestler, it would stand to reason that you should be prepared to for some butt dragging.  If you don’t like to be touched there are alternatives: synchronized swimming comes to mind, pole vaulting, stuff like that.

In a poster case for “Only in California” a 17-year old wrestler in Fresno has been charged with sexual assault by his opponent – for dragging his butt.    The case is going to trial in January.

If this was April 1 I would laugh but it is December and therefore it ain’t a joke.

Some sore looser decided to get revenge and in our litigious society it isn’t enough to walk over and say to the guy  “Yo, homeboy, keep your hand off my ass or else …” It is not enough to go to the trainer and accuse the other of something less life altering, let’s say “unsportsman-like behavior”.

No, it has to be sexual assault, lawyers need to get involved, judges, courts, and likely money will changes hands at some point.   Parents will be pulling their kids out of wrestling practice in droves for fear of litigation and ruining the poor kids’ lives rather than enriching them.  I am starting to wonder what cockamamie claims could possible come up in my son’s martial arts class …

Welcome to California in 2010!


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