Sensitive topic, this one.  But it needs to be dealt with.

If you are in the US and you need to find the place they call toilet in other countries you do ask for one of the following:

the bathroom – nobody will think that you want to take a shower

the restroom – in most publich places taking a rest in there would be the last thing that come to min

This isn't - in the US, pic:

d but so be it

The Ladies’/Men’s room – not women’s room

The facilities – it might be contrary to intuition but people will know what you mean

The powder room – stay away from that expression if you are a man.  It is derived from the predominantly female habit of powdering ones nose

You do not, however, ask for the toilet.  Not in the US.  Not polite.  Maybe even shocking.

I remember my distance running days and that one run way up in the Sierra Nevada with a bunch of people.  One girl stopped and said she had to go to the bathroom.  She went into the bushes, of course, with no bathroom within 10 miles or so but to use another, more blatant or obvious expression was unthinkable – even up there away from civilization.

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