You have been taken for a ride

Taking a rid is very different from taking somebody for a ride, pic: (c) Tina Baumgartner

If you have been taken for a ride, unfortunately,  you didn’t just spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon cruising down Highway 1 in California in a convertible – but you have been deliberately mislead by someone.  You have been cheated or swindled.

The best explanation for where this expression might come from is that it originated in the 1920 gangster milieu where people were taken in cars to remote places and the murdered.

These days the expression is mostly used to express misleading or deception.

A couple of examples will make it easier to understand.

“I invested a lot of money into the fund but the guys who run it are crooks.  They took everybody for a ride, including me.”

“You paid what??? $500 for that necklace – this is not gold, it’s fake.  The sales person took you for a ride.”


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