Ingrid being gaslighted, pic: wiki

I just heard that one on TV today – I actually never heard it before but I thought it was interesting.  This is maybe not the expression you want to be using liberally but it is good to know what it means.

So anyway, the detective said to her partner “you are being gaslighted”.  If you know the 1944 movie with Ingrid Bergman in which her husband is trying to drive her crazy with – among other things – playing tricks with the gaslights you will immediately understand what “you are being gaslighted” means, namely that somebody is trying to drive you crazy or at least is trying to make you believe that you are about to go crazy.  Which – for all practical purposes is probably the same.

Just in case you wondered: in the movie all ends well and the bad husband is brought to justice with the help of an inspector the heroine meets by chance.


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