Early Christmas

Christmas wishes comig true early, pic: © Cindy Hughes | Dreamstime.com

It’s almost Christmas so we need to have a little bit of a Christmas spirit here with a Christmas themed idiom.  There aren’t that many to choose from so here is one:

“Like Christmas came early”

The meaning is pretty obvious: when something really good happens to you unexpectedly it might feel like Santa brought you a present – whatever time of the year it might be.   The good thing could be good news, good fortune, a lucky break, an unexpected gift.

Here is a headline from 2009 utilizing the expression: “Christmas came early for Disney. Their latest film ‘Disney’s A Christmas Carol’, starring Jim Carrey, made $31 million dollars in its opening weekend.”  Apparently, nobody believed that the movie would make that much money, else they wouldn’t have used the expression.

Here is a recent one: “For democrats and Obama, Christmas came early”.



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