More travel expressions

Some more travel related expression used in the US.

A tall frosty one on the road doesn't happen much anymore. pic: © Ksenia Krylova |

Let’s start with one that is related to air travel and pretty widely known and used even in other countries: red-eye flight.

Red-eye flights are those departing late at night getting you to were you want or need to be the next day, fatigued and with red eyes from lack of sleep.  The expression is often shortened in spoken language and so somebody will say: “I took the red-eye out of LA last night to get to DC in  the morning.”

Red-eyes are very common in a country with four time zones.  Less popular, at least now, I am under the impression that this used to be different back in the days is the habit of having “one for the road”.   This expression refers to having one more of something, but particularly one more (alcoholic) drink before one hits the road.  These days we all know how dangerous dunk driving is and if somebody has “one for the road” they are much more likely to be referring to a cookie or a glass of OJ (orange juice) than a martini.


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