Santa Claus is coming

Santa looks like he is freezing there on the North Pole, pic: © Annsunnyday |

Okay, one more post about Christmas and then we are done with that topic.

In  Germany we celebrate Christmas Eve, that’s when Bay Jesus (Christkind) comes and brings presents for the good kids.  He slips in a present or two for the grown-ups as well.

Here it is Santa Claus in his sleigh who brings the presents during the night of December 24.   Santa Claus is apparently a Dutch character who only became fully Americanized in 1823.  The origins date back even further to Saint Nicholas who lived in 4th century AD in what is now Turkey and loved to give presents to children.

So this jolly, bearded guy in a red suit with white trimming is coming from the North Pole (where he lives, poor guy) in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer: Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, and Donder and Blitzen and, of course, the famous Rudolf with his red nose. Elves make the presents all year for the kids in a special toy factory.  Santa also has a wife, Mrs. Claus who keeps him on his toes.  It’s all quite idyllic – if it wasn’t so cold on the North Pole one would almost want to join them.


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