Small stuff

This is an expression you will hear quite frequently in the US, especially if you tend to stress out over a lot of things: “don’t sweat the small stuff”

he looks like he might be sweating the small stuff, pic:

This expression is a friendly and non-offensive way to tell you not to worry about trivial or unimportant issues.  It is a reminder that it isn’t worth to get all worked up about a broken glass, a dinner of overcooked spaghetti, or a plane that leaves late (which one doesn’t anyway, these days?)

People who complain a lot or like to portrait themselves as the poor victims of a never-ending assault of bad luck and fortune are preferred recipients of this advice which has found its way into the title of numerous books and blogs.

Here is an example:

Small-stuff sweating person: “We got to the restaurant right in time for our reservation but they weren’t ready for us so we all had to wait 10 minutes.  Can you believe that??  I’ll never go there again!”

Relaxed person: “10 minutes, that is really no big deal.  Come on now, don’t sweat the small stuff!”


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