Horse’s Mouth

straight from the horse's mouth, pic: © Julia Pivovarova |

If you hear something form the horse’s mouth or “straight from the horse’s mouth” you have it on highest authorities, you get it from somedoy who is involved and knows a lot about it.

Here are a couple of examples:

“What, Jeff is leaving?  I can’t believe it.”

“You better believe it, I have it straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Employee 1: “I can’t wait for that annual bonus.  I want to buy a new car.”

Employee 2: “Better postpone that.  There won’t be bonuses this year.  I have it from the horse’s mouth.”

There are several explanation how this idiom came about.  The likeliest involves horse racing:  before horse races people discuss which horse is likely to win the race.  The most trusted authorities for tips are those who work with the horse’s and know in what shape they are in.  To get the ultimate answer about the horse’s conditions one would actually have to ask the horse itself and get the answer straight from the horse’s mouth.


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