Cows come home

This cow is already home, still waiting for her buddies, pic: © Alisher Duasbaew |

Here is another idiom involving animals and one of my favorite ones” “until the cows come home”.

The phrase means for a (very) long, undefined period of time.  It is often used in context with talking as in this example

Liberal to Conservative: “we can talk about this until the cows come home but we will never agree on gay marriage.”

But other things can also be done “until the cows come home, for example: dancing – “I love to dance.  I could dance until the cows come home.”, go on a diet “It isn’t fair, I can diet until the cows come home and I am not loosing weight.” – and many other things.

An alternative version is “till the cows come”, it means the same thing in just a little more casual.

Where and when the phrase originated is unclear but it seems to refer to the slow and unhurried pace of cows that arrive in their own sweet time.


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