Curious looking cat, pic: © Igor Kharlamov |

Here is an idiom for curios people – or maybe it is rather for nosy people: “curiosity killed the cat”

This is used to warn people of the perils of being too inquisitive and sticking their noses into other people’s business, especially if that business is none of their business.  People who are too curious, this idiom tells us, get in trouble or worse.

You can use this idiom as a an answer when somebody asks a question that you do not want to answer.

For example, you got a nice pair of earrings from that admirer you have only been seeing for a short time and you are not ready yet to talk about him but your colleague asks: “where did you get those earrings???”  Your answer “Curiosity killed the cat” should tell her unmistakably to leave the topic alone without you having to say something more rude such as “it none of your business.”

The origin of this idiom is so obscure and convoluted from what I read that I decided to skip it – curiosity might kill the cat but convoluted stories sure put the reader to sleep.


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