Go with the flow

The boat is going with the flow, pic: http://www.asian-central.com

If you go with the flow you are – at least in most cases – not in the water.  To “go with the flow” means to not have a particularly strong opinion on something, to follow the majority and not to push up against prevailing norms, behaviors and attitudes.  It implies  – at least occasionally to give in to peer pressure and do something that one isn’t so keen on doing.

If you are going with the flow a lot than you might be described as “easy going” or “laid back” both terms implying that you are a person who will generally not put up a lot of resistance if everybody wants to go bowling but you’d rather play pool.

Here is an example:

You: “I wanted to go hiking on the weekend but my family rather wanted to go kayaking so I just went with the flow – and it was a lot of fun.”

The origin of that idiom is pretty obvious: its like being on a boat and is just moving along with the current instead of putting in a lot of energy and effort to go in a different direction.


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