Spinning my wheels

Today I have been spinning my wheels.  This, unfortunately, does not involve any aerobic exercise or does it imply that I accomplished much of anything.  The opposite is true.  Spinning one’s wheels means to expend effort without accomplishing much, to make futile efforts that amount to nothing much, or wasting ones time and effort.

Spinning my wheels: a lot of effort, little to show for it, pic: abrainybeautyblog.wordpress.com

Here is an example”

“Honey, how was your day at the office?”
“okay, not very productive, we were spinning our wheels all day.”

The image that came to my mind immediately is spinning at the gym – where one pedals real fast on those pretend bicycles but doesn’t move an inch.  However, that is not where the expressions comes from – more likely the other

way around, the name of the exercise came from spinning one’s wheel.

The other image is that of car wheels spinning in snow or ice – a more likely origin for the expression.

In any event, I think I am going to my spinning class now, at least then I will have accomplished something.

In case you want to get serious about accomplishing something with regards to bicycling or generally endurance check out this blog.


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