Word! - not in such a literal sense, pic: languagemonitor.com

“Word!” is a one word confirming phrase.  It took me some time to understand it when people used it but actually it is really simple.

You use “word!” to affirm, acknowledge or agree/concur with something.  It also means that the speaker is saying the truth.

The phrase allegedly originated in US prisons and is a shortened version of “my word is my bond” which first got shortened to “word is bond” and then eventually to just “word”.

The phrase is casual and can be used in casual conversation but one is well advised to not overuse it in which one quickly goes from cool to clueless, pretentious or worse.

Here are a couple of examples:

“That guy we met at the bar last night was hot!”



“I am taking a trip to Hawaii in June – my rich aunt is paying for everything.”






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