Skeletons in closets

Even fancy closets can have skeletons in them, pic:

To have a skeleton in your closet – I like this idiom because it creates a pretty vivid picture in your mind.  I can’t help but thinking of opening a creaking closet door and a skeleton full of spiderwebs falls out.

If you ever murdered somebody and hid the body in a seldom used closet you have a pretty big, shameful, dangerous, dark secret which you want to keep hidden from the world  – which is exactly what the idiom means.

Skeletons of all sorts in various closets have become a major source of problems and shame for politicians and other public figures: an affair past or present, an undocumented Mexican cleaning lady, a substance abuse problem, a criminal record, an affiliation with the wrong people – just a small, non-comprehensive list- are all potential skeletons that can come out of the closet any time to hunt the owner of the proverbial closet.

An example:

“If I had know he had a skeleton in his closet I would have never voted for him”.

For entertainment you might want to have a look at this site:  Skeleton Closet – All the dirt on all the candidates for president since 1995


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