Another of those not so funny funny-words: rubbernecking

Rubbernecking cartoon, pic:

You all have seen rubberneckers, probably engaged in some rubbernecking yourself.  Here is a typical situation in which you engage in that behavior: you are driving on the freeway and see police lights up ahead, the traffic slows down, an ambulance or two are standing by the side of the road.  You – like everybody else – slow down in the hopes to catch a glimpse of the carnage, maybe see a a bit of blood or at least a horribly damaged car.  You slow a bit more,  stare over some more, and crane your neck as you drive by to not miss a thing.

You have just been rubbernecking.

The origin of the word is obvious: people are craning their necks as if they were made from rubber in order to see more.

Rubbernecking is one of these things we all hate in principle but all engage in at some point of our life (or several points).  Most people just can’t seem to help it.

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