Funny word, bamboozle

Bamboozled by math, pic: © Melinda Nagy |

This harmless sounding word has nothing to do with bamboo or any other type of flora.  Bamboozle means to to deceive or cheat by trickery, to dupe as well as to confuse or puzzle.

He or she who bamboozles is a bamboozler.

The origin of this word lies in seafaring  – somehow being on a ship seems to stimulate people’s desire to come up with funny words.  However, where exactly it came from and how is disputed and rather boring so I will spare you the story.

However, here are some examples of how to use the funny word of the day:

“I am often bamboozled by modern art. I just don’t get it.”

“Don’t let yourself be bamboozled by all the biased news you see, hear, and reads these days on the media.”


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