Shooting straight

In a conversation about a friend or colleague you might hear that phrase: “He/she is a straight shooter”.

Let's hope she is a straight shooter, pic: © Paul Moore |

If you first reaction is to believe the person joined the NRA (National Riffle Association) and spending his/her days on the local shooting range ever improving their skills to a level, where they can actuall shoot straight – you would be mistaken. They might have done all that but it doesn’t follow from the description “straight shooter.”

A straight shooter is a honest and forthright person, an upstanding citizen.  Somebody you can rely on and who will generally tell you the truth.  A straight shooter can also be somebody who follows all the laws and might be a trifle inflexible.

Here are a couple of examples:

“Somebody cooked the books so the bottom line looks better to the investors. I wonder whether it wasJack.”

“No, not Jack, he is such a straight shooter, he’d never do that.”


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