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January 28, 2011

Once burned

twice shy is an idiom used to explain people’s reaction to a bad experience.  Generally it is to be more careful the next time around and not to make the same mistake again.

Risking a burn, pic:

In fact, the second time over you might be extra careful to avoid the same mistake, hence twice shy.

The origin of that idiom is pretty obvious to everyone who ever burned their hands on a burner or stove and after that never forgets to use the oven mitt – ever.

Here are a couple of examples for this idiom:

“Let’s ski down this double black diamond route here, it is really fun.”

“No, not really, last time I skied a double black diamond I fell badly.  Once burned, twice shy!”

“I had five tequila shots last nights with my buddy and now I am feeling terrible.  Won’t be doing that again any time soon.  You know, once burned, twice shy.”

January 28, 2011

Another rant about convenience

Maybe I am somewhat obsessed with this topic now but once you notice that kind of stuff it is hard to let go again.  It is sort of like realizing that everybody you know and a significant portion of the people you don’t know all of a sudden have the latest gadget or the cool boots that for the life you you can’t seem to be finding in any store.

Making your own coffee, who wants that hassle, pic: © Donnarae |

Anyway, today I saw an add which was targeted at those poor souls suffering tremendously from the inconvenience of having to either make coffee in the morning – imagine that – or – no end to annoyance – stand in line somewhere to purchase one.  Can you imagine the inconvenience of that?  I don’t drink coffee so I can’t understand the sheer horror of it all but the anguish was clearly written in peoples faces as they incompetently spooned coffee in a filter or impatiently waited in line for their double extra large with skimmed milk, no sugar, and a pinch of cinnamon.

Thankfully some creative soul came up with the solution to this unbearable situation in form of convenient, small containers containing in one sip all the caffeine the average coffee addict needs to function.  So it is just rip-sip-chuck and your done.  The happily smiling guy then plonked down in his chair, grabbed the newspaper and started reading.

Isn’t convenience beautiful, now we don’t even have to worry about enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.  Soon they will offer single-use injectable caffeine ampules.  That way we can safe ourselves the hassle of swallowing.  Got to love it.