Once burned

twice shy is an idiom used to explain people’s reaction to a bad experience.  Generally it is to be more careful the next time around and not to make the same mistake again.

Risking a burn, pic: http://www.acus.org

In fact, the second time over you might be extra careful to avoid the same mistake, hence twice shy.

The origin of that idiom is pretty obvious to everyone who ever burned their hands on a burner or stove and after that never forgets to use the oven mitt – ever.

Here are a couple of examples for this idiom:

“Let’s ski down this double black diamond route here, it is really fun.”

“No, not really, last time I skied a double black diamond I fell badly.  Once burned, twice shy!”

“I had five tequila shots last nights with my buddy and now I am feeling terrible.  Won’t be doing that again any time soon.  You know, once burned, twice shy.”

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