Funny words, mollycoddle

This definitely looks like a mollycoddled dog, pic:

Now here is a funny word that sort of sounds like what it means. If you say it a few times you will start to intuitively start getting what it might mean, namely to overprotect, pamper somebody or treat somebody – often a child or a spouse – with (over)indulgent care.

The element of overprotection is important in this word, it implies not just spoiling somebody but doing so to an extend that might ultimately be harmful to the mollycoddled person because they aren’t prepared for the harsh reality after being mollycoddled for too long.


“His mom mollycoddled him far too long.  Now he is 35 and she still does his laundry and cleans is bachelor pad every week.  He’ll never grow up.”

The origin of the word is not very exciting, Webster says that it derives from the diminutive name for Mary plus coddle, which is related to caudle, which is a warm drink of gruel with wine, eggs, etc for invalids.

Here are

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