Funny words, scuttlebutt

The perfect place to exchange scuttlebutt, pic:

When I first heard the word scuttlebutt I thought of some type of ugly but reasonably well-tasting fish.  I was off with that association as I soon learned, however, I wasn’t as far off the mark as I first thought when I heard what the word actually means: gossip or rumor.

Here is why: in the olden days the water for consumption was kept in a cask (also called butt) which had been scuttled by making a hole in it.  Through that hole the water could be taken out.  Now it seems the sailors back then and the modern office worker have at least one thing in common: they talk, gossip and exchange rumors when they are at the water cask or cooler.  So gathering by the scuttlebutt became the navy slang for rumor.

Here is an article called “Scuttlebutt Advantage” about the advantage of collecting scuttlebutt for investment decisions.

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