Paint the town

Generally if you feel like painting the town you would want to paint it red so the most frequently used version of this  idiom is to paint the town red.

Pretty good start to painting the town red, pic:

The expression is casual and means: let’s have fun, let’s do something fun.

Without making this into a history lesson here is a quick summary of where the saying can from.  Let’s start with the color red, it isn’t used because it is such a jolly, happy color but because it is the color of blood and historically the idiom seemed to have referred to the kind of activity where one gos out into the streets and spills a lot of blood.

The allusion to violence and blood seem to have been lost and now the idiom refers to more or less harmless and more or less drunken foolish behavior which can include some (or a lot of control).

“Finals are over!  Let’s go paint the town red, guys!”


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